Complete Revenue Cycle Management


  • Insurance Claim Submission to over 1,200 Health Plans
  • Pre Submission Code Review – we fix problems before they are denied
  • Proactive Claim Investigation
  • Resolution of Claim Denials
  • Patient billing and customer service for patients
  • HIPAA compliant interconnectivity to your accounts
  • Complete revenue cycle and practice management reporting
  • Claim Denial and Revenue Analysis


  • Process Claims within 1 to 2 business days of receipt and submit daily. All claims are submitted electronically, directly to the carrier for virtually all specialties.
  • Follow up with insurance companies, appealing denials and working rejections, no-pays and slow-pays.
  • Offer collaborative tools designed to boost your revenue.
  • Manage patient payment plans and monthly statement cycles.
  • Provide insight into your practice’s financial health.
  • Offer Staff and provider training.
    • Proper coding procedures, what can and cannot be billed
    • Effectively communicate billing requirements
    • Obtain and verify correct patient insurance information.
  • Provide telephone and email to providers office and patients
  • Provide full suite of reports and custom reporting as requested

Why Doctors Billing Clerk

We will:

  • Improve your cash flow
  • Make your account receivables manageable
  • Provide powerful financial checks and balances
  • Reduce expenses related to in-house staff or make staff more productive
  • Reduce hiring and training costs due to high staff turnover
  • Be your trusted advisor to provide regular A/R reviews, reimbursement trends and financial performance reports that provide insight into the financial health of your practice
  • Reduce the chance of unbilled claims, lost encounter slips
  • Speed up the transfer of claims processing information

You want:

  • Qualified billing experts in charge of your billing without breaking the bank
  • To spend more time with patients versus getting bogged down by administrative and financial management tasks
  • Access to expert practice management process and workflow knowledge
  • A service that demonstrates commitment to customer satisfaction
  • A business partner more than just a medical billing vendor

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